Social Media Zeitgeist – May 8th, 2009 - by Ben Foster

Social Media Zeitgeist – May 8th, 2009

This is Volume 2 of my weekly feature to provide my regular readers with the Top Social Media, Strategy, and Fun links that I really enjoyed throughout the week.   Because this space moves so fast, I wanted to surface great content rather than try to comment on everything.  Have a great weekend!

Photo Credit - Shadowgate via Flickr

Photo Credit - Shadowgate via Flickr

Rupert Murdoch says Newscorp will start charging for content [Guardian UK] – The WSJ has had this model, though there are some workarounds.  I agree that the business model is broken, but is this the fix?

Twitter says they aren’t for sale [Mashable] – Gawker rumored on Tuesday that Apple was looking at a $700 million deal, but Mashable said they aren’t interested.  Everyone has a price…I still think Google will make a play to buy them

Anthropology and the Social Web [ReadWriteWeb] – I’ve read this post a few times, and it’s confusing at first, but relevant after discovery.  It adds a layer to the decision of First To Market vs. Get It Right

Facebook Challenged by Firefox? [ReadWriteWeb] – Sort of sensationalistic journalism, but they have a point.  If Social Networking were integrated into your browser, do you need to go to a site?  Makes me think that the more important Merger/Acquistion rumors this week would be Mozilla and Friendfeed

Fun Link – The 50 Best Costumes at the London Marathon [BuzzFeed] – My favorite is #16, the gnome.

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