Simple Twitter 101 Training in 140 Characters or Less - by Ben Foster

Simple Twitter 101 Training in 140 Characters or Less


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I believe the best way to learn Social Media is by doing Social Media.  There are tons of great Twitter Trainings already on the web.  My spin on it is to provide the basics in 140 character “bullet points” that you can Tweet through your own account.

Value to Trainees

The value to your trainees is that they can learn about Twitter while using the site, instead of a boring PowerPoint.  This makes the training feel more real and makes you look more creative.

Feel free to use, adapt and make suggestions to this list. I’ll update this document from suggestions in the comment.

Twitter Training in 140 Characters

What Is Twitter? Website where people write brief messages (140 characters or less) for everyone to read and share with others.
Why is Twitter Important? Real time information. For example, Hudson River plane crash was first reported on Twitter
TWEET – A single update(message) from a user is a TWEET. You can TWEET from the web, mobile phone, text message, IM chat, or applications.
FOLLOWER – Someone who “subscribes” to your TWEETS. Many people consider # of followers an indicator of one’s Twitter influence.
FOLLOWING – People whose TWEETS you “subscribe to”. To better enjoy Twitter, Don’t just follow everyone, follow people who are interesting
DIRECT MESSAGE (DM) – Private message that can ONLY be sent to someone following you. Used for privacy or individual communication.
@ Sign – Notifies or Replies to a specific person. An @ before someone’s name links to their profile & notifies them of a TWEET you made
@ Sign – You can check who has notified or replied to you by clicking on @yourusername on the Twitter homepage
# Hashtag – A “#” helps manage topics. Many people search Twitter for a particular topic. A # sign helps them find it
RETWEET – Like “Forward” on email, used to share others’ good messages to your followers. How to Retweet: RT @username “original message”
URL SHORTENER- Make long web addresses smaller to meet 140 character limit. Popular ones
How do companies use Twitter? Direct – Marketing; Indirect – Employees; Internal – Share info; Signaling – Listen to customers [SOURCE @rww]
Direct- Marketing/PR; extension of corp messaging. Credibility lost if it feels like spam. @delloutlet – $1m sales channel [SOURCE @rww]
Indirect – Employees tweet building company credibility. Forrester analysts like @jowyang, @jbernoff, & @steven_noble [SOURCE @rww]
Internal – Share info about projects – Risky because it’s open. Humana (@chimoose) shares meeting notes through #hcoc [Source @rww]
Inbound – Listening to customers to improve service, develop products, and respond to problems (@jetblue and @comcastcares) [SOURCE @rww]
Twitter is more Through an API (Application Programming Interface), anyone can write programs to extend Twitter usage
Fun Twitter Programs – manage multiple accounts, multi-search, – guessing game
Export Tweets – Infinity Plus One Consulting has a great Search & Export tool at
Trending Topics – Twitter automatically lists “Trending Topics” on the main twitter page. News often breaks there Http://
Effective Twitter: Quality over Quantity; Share Posts & Ideas; Interact, Retweet, Share; Don’t Spam, Don’t only share personal info
When you first join Twitter, you can find people you know by clicking “Find People” and then “Find on Other Networks”
My Favorites @mashable @rww @andygadiel @jowyang @chimoose @simonmainwaring @tw1ttertracker @GHCommunity @cubsticker @scobleizer @vctips
Beginner Tips – Upload a picture of yourself. People generally don’t follow anyone with a “default background”
Beginner Tips – Avoid “what I had for breakfast” tweets; build a following by being interesting and creating fresh ideas
Beginner Tips – Ways to Search Twitter –,,
Get Started with these sites:

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