Facebook Data Suggests We Have an Eating Problem

I was doing some research on top Facebook pages for Food and Beverages on the wonderful Page Statistics tool on All Facebook.  Only 2 of the top 30 pages are “Healthy”, Subway and Sushi.  Oh, and Pizza appears 3 times in the top 10.

Top Food and Beverage Facebook Pages

These pages all are in the millions of fans(or likers)…some, like this Pizza Page, aren’t being updated and have a Fan Wall Page filled with spam.  No one will proclaim to not like being healthy…so I did a search on Health and Beauty.  More disappointment

I love Facebook for keeping up with brands and companies I love.   At one point I recommended that brands should have a Facebook page only if they’re cool enough to be on a Tee-Shirt.  I no longer agree with everything I wrote there as long as you’re using Facebook to execute smart Social Media Business Objectives.

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Facebook Privacy Concerns? Who cares??? Did you guys hear we’re getting free donuts?

The movement to quit Facebook on May 31 received about 36,000 fans.  Dunkin Donuts Free Donut Day, received over 90,000 fans.

Quit Facebook Day - 36,000 People

Free Donut Day - 90,000 people

Despite some media reports claiming Quit Facebook Day was a success because it raised awareness, I feel like Facebook is going to feel emboldened to stretch the limits even more.  There is now a public validation that privacy isn’t as important as staying connected to your friends.  Facebook now has public validation through hard numbers that what they are doing is right….and they’re going to do more.

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Google TV and why Android integration could be the “killer app” for both devices

We are living in a Golden Age of Television and I am not ashamed to say that I watch at least 20 hours a week. Way more than I ready books, but far less than I use the internet.

That’s why Google’s announcement at Google I/O made me so excited. Think back to GMail. Gmail took what we all love about email and made it easier, more useful, and more meaningful by adding search, personalization, and simplicity.

Keyboard? I’m most nervous about the typing…currently, my DirecTV has a pretty cool search feature…but, it’s crappy with the remote and interface. Are we going to have to use a keyboard?

Android Integration This could be the “killer app” for both Android and Google TV. If they were able to turn the mobile phone into a smart remote control, that would improve the value proposition for both.

Additionally, that could usher in a whole new era of TV personalization if flawless integration with Android worked well. Most of my favorite TV recommendations came from friends whose numbers I have in my mobile phone. Would love to see all that magic social network stuff play out here and recommend exactly what I would like.

Super excited, sign me up now.

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Great work – Guy lands a job at Y&R buying Top Agency Creative Directors names as keywords on Google Search cc @jusfonzin

There is so much insight here:

1) The internet is a better showcase of talent beyond the CV and interview
2) Agency types google themselves all the time
3) Excellent creative work can be done in search ad copy format
4) Finding a keyword niche (names) that reaches influencers (creative directors) can have a big payoff (awesome job)

Here’s a plug to Alec Brownstein”s Blog, I’m keeping my eye on it.

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Social Media isn’t replacing PR; it’s the future of it

Joseph Thornley did a quick google trends query to see how people are searching for terms I’m interested in on the web. No surprise….PR is no equal with Social Media and Social Networking.

Also interesting is that Social Media has caught up with Social Networking in terms of search volume.

This is an index number, so don’t think that PR is going away…all this shows is that people are searching for Social Media and Social Networking as much as PR.

IMPLICATION – Social has to be one of the key pieces integrated into a comprehensive communications strategy. It works best when it is a piece that operates together as part of an overall strategy, and companies are expecting that.

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Only one word is needed to describe the benefits of the semantic web: PERSONALIZATION – The Semantic Web: What It Is and Why It Matters [VIDEO]

Anyone working on the internet should always be prepared for this question …What is Web 3.0? The semantic web is a boring term and it’s also incredibly hard to explain. This video does a pretty good job.

What works for me is the word “PERSONALIZATION” This is the benefit that all the hard core Techies can agree with AND is simple enough to describe to management as a big idea.

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Hopefully Twitter’s Follow Bug is Part of a Change To Allow Advertising for Followers. If not, watch out @JustinBieber


Mashable reported today that a bug in Twitter allows you to force someone to follow you by simply typing ” accept [username] “.  This seems so simple…and after 13 Billion Tweets…how is this issue just now arising?  I’m hoping it’s part of work being done to Twitter’s platform to allow advertising for followers.  I’m secretly hoping that they’re making changes to the platform to allow for this type of advertising.  This could just be a hole in the platform left open during devlopment.


I mean seriously…all these wonderful years of Twitter and we’re just now finding this out?  This has to be a recent hole.


I also did a quick search of “Accept ” to see who people were trying to get to follow them…which was fascinating.  No surprise, it was celebrities.  Jessica Alba, Barack Obama, and Lady GagaI found only one tweet of someone trying to get Google to follow them…and more than you would want to believe for @JustinBieber


Maybe we should all just pay celebrities to Tweet our stuff…Would be easier to measure the I in ROI for sure.

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Google Chrome Speed Tests – Excellent Video Spots

Bartle Bogle Hegarty (HHS) did the creative on these wonderful spots. In a world where every marketing department wants a “viral video”, Google succeeds through a combination of 1) Excellent creativity. 2) Production Execution and MOST IMPORTANTLY 3) Tying the content to the product benefits.

I’ve always been a huge geek for Google Chrome, but never quite been able to explain to my Mom or Dad why they should get it. These videos do a much better job of explaining it without any words.

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Social Media in Insurance – American Family VP Marketing Lisa Bacus

I used to work for Allstate and would intensely study the competition and what they were doing. American Family and USAA were a company I always watched. I really loved how she said that AmFam listened in Social Media for a Full Year before leaping in.

This is a great podcast too – http://brandfasttrackers.com. It’s now one of my regular listens.

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Facebook Advertising Strategy – Older Fans Are More Valuable

I observed an interesting trend in commercials during a recent episode of 30 Rock.  A majority of advertisements now direct viewers to the company’s Facebook page rather than the brand’s home page.  This isn’t necessarily a good strategy, but it does say a lot about the importance of Facebook in integrated marketing communications.

Brands realize that millions of people are spending hours on Facebook every month and they want a piece of that.   But who are the best types of people to engage on Facebook?  More importantly, if you’re buying ads on Facebook, who do you want to target?

This awesome widget from Forrester shows that Social websites are the domain of younger generations.  Older consumers are joining Facebook, but not at the scale of younger people.

Fewer Facebook Friends = More Real Estate for Your Brand

It is exactly this reason you should target your ads to older demographics.  Because there are fewer older people on Facebook, your message is more likely to show up on their news feed.

Sure, your brand’s Facebook application is pretty nice, but the first thing you see when you login to Facebook is the news feed.  This ability to get your brand’s message right next to baby photos and funny links is what makes engagement on Facebook so valuable.

A simple example:   An older user with 50 friends will see your message more than a younger user with 500 friends.

Fewer Friends - More Real Estate

Be careful…you don’t want to overdo it and annoy your fans.  I like traffic from Facebook because visitors typically stay longer and visit more pages.  So, it’s tempting to post LOTS of messages.

If you do so, the graphic above would be ALL green, and your precious fans won’t see any updates from their friends and family and could hide or unlike you.

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