Hopefully Twitter’s Follow Bug is Part of a Change To Allow Advertising for Followers. If not, watch out @JustinBieber


Mashable reported today that a bug in Twitter allows you to force someone to follow you by simply typing ” accept [username] “.  This seems so simple…and after 13 Billion Tweets…how is this issue just now arising?  I’m hoping it’s part of work being done to Twitter’s platform to allow advertising for followers.  I’m secretly hoping that they’re making changes to the platform to allow for this type of advertising.  This could just be a hole in the platform left open during devlopment.


I mean seriously…all these wonderful years of Twitter and we’re just now finding this out?  This has to be a recent hole.


I also did a quick search of “Accept ” to see who people were trying to get to follow them…which was fascinating.  No surprise, it was celebrities.  Jessica Alba, Barack Obama, and Lady GagaI found only one tweet of someone trying to get Google to follow them…and more than you would want to believe for @JustinBieber


Maybe we should all just pay celebrities to Tweet our stuff…Would be easier to measure the I in ROI for sure.

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