Google TV and why Android integration could be the “killer app” for both devices

We are living in a Golden Age of Television and I am not ashamed to say that I watch at least 20 hours a week. Way more than I ready books, but far less than I use the internet.

That’s why Google’s announcement at Google I/O made me so excited. Think back to GMail. Gmail took what we all love about email and made it easier, more useful, and more meaningful by adding search, personalization, and simplicity.

Keyboard? I’m most nervous about the typing…currently, my DirecTV has a pretty cool search feature…but, it’s crappy with the remote and interface. Are we going to have to use a keyboard?

Android Integration This could be the “killer app” for both Android and Google TV. If they were able to turn the mobile phone into a smart remote control, that would improve the value proposition for both.

Additionally, that could usher in a whole new era of TV personalization if flawless integration with Android worked well. Most of my favorite TV recommendations came from friends whose numbers I have in my mobile phone. Would love to see all that magic social network stuff play out here and recommend exactly what I would like.

Super excited, sign me up now.

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  1. Written by Amit
    on May 25, 2010 at 3:21 pm

    Logitech is in on the deal. I bet they make some remote / keyboard.

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