Facebook Data Suggests We Have an Eating Problem

I was doing some research on top Facebook pages for Food and Beverages on the wonderful Page Statistics tool on All Facebook.  Only 2 of the top 30 pages are “Healthy”, Subway and Sushi.  Oh, and Pizza appears 3 times in the top 10.

Top Food and Beverage Facebook Pages

These pages all are in the millions of fans(or likers)…some, like this Pizza Page, aren’t being updated and have a Fan Wall Page filled with spam.  No one will proclaim to not like being healthy…so I did a search on Health and Beauty.  More disappointment

I love Facebook for keeping up with brands and companies I love.   At one point I recommended that brands should have a Facebook page only if they’re cool enough to be on a Tee-Shirt.  I no longer agree with everything I wrote there as long as you’re using Facebook to execute smart Social Media Business Objectives.

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