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Social Media Strategy Class Reading List

I recently taught a class at DePaul University on Social Media Strategy to Graduate Students in Public Relations and Advertising.  Below is the reading list I compiled with tech sources, interesting articles, and relevant case studies that helped guide our class discussion.   Technology and Social Media Blogs Mashable ReadWriteWeb TechCrunch The Next Web AllFacebook […]

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How Many Users on Facebook?

How many Facebook users are there?  This Facebook Growth chart shows the growth of Facebook users from 2004 to 2015 based on a variety of data including Facebook. I was looking all over the internet for a chart that showed the number of Facebook users there are and couldn’t find one.  I figured I’d just […]

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Adding PEOPLE as the Fifth P in Your Marketing Mix

The classic “Marketing Mix” created in 1953 by Neil Borden and taught in business schools around the world needs to be officially updated.  Originally consisting of Product, Placement, Promotion, and Price, it outlined the fundamental issues a company should consider when developing a marketing strategy. PEOPLE – The 5th P in the Marketing Mix The […]

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Social Media Strategy Matrix for 2010 Strategic Planning

Social Media is now on a subject at corporate strategy meetings, executive off-sites, and a part of brand strategy.  Even the most conservative companies are dipping their toes in the water and trying to increase shareholder value through the new web. Great job everyone…you’ve lived up to the hype of the Social Media Revolution Video… […]

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How to Create Good Social Media Business Objectives

Business objectives are the most critical, yet most overlooked, part of a social media strategy. Now that we’re past the point of early adoption, many brands are citing “Everyone else is doing it” as their business objective  Who is everyone?  Customers? Target Market? Competitors?  Employees? Suppliers? A poor business objective causes many problems, the worst […]

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How to Get Leadership Commitment for Social Media

We’re told by the experts that Social Media is a Groundswell.  It all starts with “ordinary” people, customers & employees, who group together around a common theme.  “It’s grassroots!  It’s organic!  We just need to enable them!” Well, this is true…but effectively harnessing that power requires resources and coordination.  The fastest way for organizations to […]

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Twitter Analytics – Advanced Twitter Metrics

Driving website traffic is one Twitter’s top benefits for marketers.  It’s a simple recipe, get a large number of followers, write a catchy tweet, publish it at the right time of day, and then measure the conversions. If you’re interested in driving traffic through Twitter, then you probably use measurements like these: # of Followers […]

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How to Execute Social Media Strategy and Governance

Social Media Strategy is a widely talked about topic…but what does it mean?  The final post of this series covers Social Media governance, how to get started, and evaluating your efforts.  The first two posts covered how to create a Social Media strategy and how to figure out what tactics to use in your Social […]

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Social Media Marketing Strategy Guide – How To Get Things Done

Having a Social Media strategy means nothing if you can’t actually do it. In the last post, I outlined the need for not only having a plan, but also how to execute a Social Media Strategy. By addressing these areas, a company can better position itself for initial success and improve its ability to scale […]

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Social Media Strategy Execution – A How To Guide To New Media Success

A Social Media strategy is a critical piece to making sure that your efforts with New Media are helping your customers and your company.  But how do you actually “do” it?  A well defined strategy is nice to have, but without execution, you aren’t going to make your customers or your shareholders happy. Strategies are […]

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