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Social Media Strategy Class Reading List

I recently taught a class at DePaul University on Social Media Strategy to Graduate Students in Public Relations and Advertising.  Below is the reading list I compiled with tech sources, interesting articles, and relevant case studies that helped guide our class discussion.   Technology and Social Media Blogs Mashable ReadWriteWeb TechCrunch The Next Web AllFacebook […]

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42 Tactics for Content – Content Toolkit Playbook by Content Management Institute

This is a good guide written by Joe Pulizzi at Junta 42 containing 42 different tactics (with case studies) on content marketing.  Sure, some of these are obvious…but what is really great about this is that it’s a list of everything in one place that you can easily use and reference.     2011 CMI […]

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How to Define Social Media Strategy and Business Objectives By Using the Customer Experience Lifecycle Model

Well defined business objectives are the cornerstone of any corporate Social Media initiative. Defining strategic objectives for social media has been pretty well covered across the social media blogs, but many businesses seem to be missing it. So why the struggle? Well, good strategy isn’t easy. It takes a lot of hard work to build a strategy and even more work partnering across the organization to make it work.

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Video Content Easier to Share Than Written Content? A Content Strategy Paradox

Content strategy at traditional media companies is moving in two different directions.  Companies that focus on written content are making it tougher to leverage their word-based assets.  The AP is suing blogs who “scrape” content from their sources and Newscorp chief Rupert Murdoch recently announced that they are exploring micro-payments for content. On the other […]

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Checklist for Content on Social Media Sites

Making sure your customers are interested in your site’s content is one of the toughest challenges of content strategy. Most companies trying to engage their customers through Social Media are not in the media industry and struggle with developing good content. The employees producing content at these companies are often so focused on the brand that they can’t separate themselves enough to produce something interesting.

In Getting Things Done, David Allen talks about the use of checklists for reoccurring tasks to reduce the stress of thinking about how to get something done. Here’s a checklist to help make your content interesting and relevant for your customers:

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Facebook: Don’t Sell Credits, Let Top Users Trickle Down the Wealth

Facebook is so worried about Twitter that they are creating monetary incentives to keep people on Facebook to check their statuses.  Mashable provides great coverage, as always: Facebook Credits seem to (be) Facebook’s baby steps into the world of virtual currency. Right now, users can only give credits to friends for sharing great posts or […]

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Will Wright Keynote at Web 2.0 – Lessons for Social Media Strategy

Will Wright has created some of the best video games in history including SimCity, The Sims, and (slightly less successfully),  Spore. Will Wright’s keynote speech during the Web 2.0 2009 Conference was billed as “A Conversation”.  It was by far and away the most talked about keynote of the entire convention that had implications far […]

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A Story is Worth 1,000 PowerPoint Slides

Photo by kennymatic Beth Kanter wrote an incredibly relevant piece on the importance of story-telling in presentations.  She cites Andy Goodman in her article: Andy is a master at storytelling.  In his workshops, he offers the following formula for a storytelling based on Hollywood script writing: * Introduce the central character * Inciting moment:  something […]

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Non-Profit Looking for Social Media Answers

Last night I gave a presentation to the Chicago Chapter of the Scleroderma Foundation about the basics of Social Media and implications to a non-profit.  You can download and use the presentation here. Scleroderma or systemic sclerosis, is a chronic connective tissue disease generally classified as one of the autoimmune rheumatic diseases. They had 3 […]

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“Surfacers” A New Rung for Forrester’s Social Technographics Ladder

Forrester’s classic 2007 analysis of the different user-types of social media has made it easy for people to understand user behavior on the web. The past two years have resulted in a rapid adoption of the technology and new improvements to sharing content. The Surfacer is a type of user valued by friends and by strategists for their ability to find unique, great content to share with their network.

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