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Social Media Strategy Class Reading List

I recently taught a class at DePaul University on Social Media Strategy to Graduate Students in Public Relations and Advertising.  Below is the reading list I compiled with tech sources, interesting articles, and relevant case studies that helped guide our class discussion.   Technology and Social Media Blogs Mashable ReadWriteWeb TechCrunch The Next Web AllFacebook […]

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How to Get Leadership Commitment for Social Media

We’re told by the experts that Social Media is a Groundswell.  It all starts with “ordinary” people, customers & employees, who group together around a common theme.  “It’s grassroots!  It’s organic!  We just need to enable them!” Well, this is true…but effectively harnessing that power requires resources and coordination.  The fastest way for organizations to […]

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The Two Skills Required of Social Media Managers in Organizations

Companies have tons of employees who are Social Media Experts and tons of managers who are Masters at Leadership Influence.  However, rarely are the two skills possessed by a single employee. Companies should encourage leaders to actively participate in Social Media to “Learn By Doing”, or develop younger talent who have Social Media skills into […]

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Learning Social Media Strategy By Doing Social Media – My Humbling Experience with Search Results for “Annoying Facebook Pictures”

Recently, I led a Consumer Research project that featured some very wonderful Innovation Consultants from Strategos who preached the gospel of “learning by doing”.  Or, as Vas Vasiliadis would say, “You got to get in there and make the sausage, man.” “Learning By Doing” has since become my professional mantra.  I started this Social Media […]

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The First 30 Days on a Job

Your first 30 days in a new strategy position is a chance for you to establish yourself to your team and to your organization as someone who can think quick and act even quicker. In my first two posts of this series, I covered the myths of corporate strategy jobs and how to find a job in corporate strategy. In this final post, I’ll talk about ways you can set yourself up for success by starting strong.

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Finding a Job in Corporate Strategy

In my last post, I covered some of the myths about working in corporate strategy. Here, I’ll share what worked for me when I was last searching for a job. Step One is to do a quick self-assessment to make sure you would be comfortable with the job. Then I’ll talk about what you can be doing now to prepare yourself. After that, I’ll cover tips for networking and surfacing the right opportunity. In my next post, I’ll talk in more detail about the interview process as I’ve experienced it with various companies.

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4 Myths about Corporate Strategy Jobs

Jobs in corporate strategy always attract the attention of eager MBAs and Undergrads.  I always wanted to go into corporate strategy because the group at my old company contained some of the smartest people in our business.  But what does it mean to “work in strategy”?  Here are some commonly held beliefs about corporate strategy […]

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5 Steps to Overcome a Social Media Mistake

We’ve all said something on the internet we wish we would could take back.  It could be a a rush to judgement, or even pure stupidity like this classic exchange between a Cisco Applicant and a Cisco Employee. A prospective Cisco hire (@theconnor) tweeted: Cisco just offered me a job! Now I have to weigh […]

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Upset with Social Media Experts? Then Your Network Needs Diversity

Social Media Elitists perceive that “Everyone is a Social Media Expert” because they associate a large network with a good network. You may influence thousands of people; but they are the same types of people…Social Media Experts. If your network contains a true cross-section of corporate America, (i.e. companies with cash flow), it becomes apparent that no one understands the details of social media strategy.

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A Story is Worth 1,000 PowerPoint Slides

Photo by kennymatic Beth Kanter wrote an incredibly relevant piece on the importance of story-telling in presentations.  She cites Andy Goodman in her article: Andy is a master at storytelling.  In his workshops, he offers the following formula for a storytelling based on Hollywood script writing: * Introduce the central character * Inciting moment:  something […]

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