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My 5 Favorite Posts

#1 – Social Media Strategy Execution – A How To Guide

  1. Start with Business Objectives
  2. Staff a Diverse Team
  3. Study Customer Research
  4. Structure Problem Solving around Customer Needs
  5. Solve Problems Through Brainstorms
  6. Create a Social Media Portfolio
  7. Establish a Set of Metrics
  8. Learn by Doing
  9. Learn, Fix, Then Apply

#2 – Portfolio Approach to Social Media Strategy

Portfolios have been used by mutual funds, venture capital firms, and conglomerates for many years for the following reasons:

#3 – Case Studies in Social Media Strategy Using the Customer Experience Lifecycle

  1. Realization – Recognition of a problem or need
    1. Best Practice – FiLife Stacker Tool
    2. Learn From – Motrin Moms Commercial
  2. Awareness – Connection between need and your product
    1. Best Practice – Blendtec’s “Will It Blend?”
    2. Learn From – Target Rounders
  3. Evaluation – Consideration of you (and your competitors) product benefits and tradeoffs as a solution to the need
    1. Best Practice – Best Western’s On the Go With Amy
    2. Learn From – Skittles’ Interweb the Rainbow
  4. Transaction – Money is exchanged for product
    1. Best Practice – DellOutlet on Twitter
    2. Learn From – Belkin’s Fake Product Reviews
  5. Consumption – Product is used
    1. Best Practice – Lego’s User Communities
    2. Learn From – Kraft Digiorno Pizza – The Ditcher
  6. Service – Post-purchase support for your product
    1. Best Practice – Comcast’s Twitter Account – @ComcastCares
    2. Learn From – Any Company Not Using Twitter Search

#4 – Using Multiple Twitter Accounts

Having multiple Twitter accounts allows a company to create a strategic advantage in the following 4 ways:

  1. Improved focus on business objectives
  2. Develop employee skills and talent
  3. Test and refine multiple Social Media strategies
  4. More effectively attract the attention of a specific audience

#5 – Is Social Media a Management Breakthrough…or a Fad?

BusinessWeek’s March 23-30, 2009 issue focuses on Smart Ideas for Tough Times which describes how managers are taking innovative approaches to weather the downturn.  The most interesting part of the series covers 11 breakthrough management ideas that are now the basics of any business school education.

This 4 part series will examine these breakthroughs alongside social media to see if we are witnessing a world-changing idea, or just another management fad.  First, here is the recap from BusinessWeek:

Some of the most powerful and lasting management methods were launched during tough times, when companies needed new ways to manage costs and grow. Here is a look back at some of the biggest ideas over the past 100 years.

1910 – The Assembly Line– Explanation

1920 – Market Segmentation – Explanation

1931 – Brand Management – Explanation

1943 – Skunk Works – Explanation

1950s – Lean Manufacturing – Explanation

1967 – Scenario Planning – Explanation

1973 – 360 Review – Explanation

1987 – Six Sigma – Explanation

1989 – Outsourcing – Explanation

1990 – Reengineering – Explanation

2000s – Open Innovation – Explanation

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