6 Reasons There Are So Many Social Media Experts

Shortly after taking a Social Media position, I realized 1- How many of us there are and 2-Titles are ubiquitous.  At the recent TechCocktail 10 in Chicago, I overheard someone yell  “What the f_ck does being a Social Media Expert even mean?”

Certainly there are more people building knowledge in the field…but it’s not as many as you think…we’re a growing community that ALL USE THE SAME METHOD OF COMMUNICATION. However, with any large technology change (think internet and/or  e-commerce), corporations want to maximize profit and prevent being beat by the competition.

This fun + profit equation is why you are seeing so many Social Media Experts; it’s not necessarily a a bad ting.

1 – Your network isn’t as diverse as you think

Look, I know you think you have a diverse network, but given the low level of adoption, anyone you have connected with is really into social media.  It’s not that everyone is a social media expert, it’s that your network is more insular than you thought.  You are exposed to all of them(us).

2 – Social Media Is Fun

Sharing ideas with other people is pleasurable.  This natural enjoyment causes the “groundwell” that you are perceiving as a large number of “experts”.  With layoffs and a down economy, people are craving professional assignments that are both interesting and in-demand.

3 – Easier to Use Technology

Connecting to people over the internet is not new.  Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) were around before most self-proclaimed Social Media Experts were born…but they were very hard to use.  Recent technology is not only making it easier to publish, but easier to have your content reach others (how many of us now have Aunts/Uncles on Facebook?)

4 – Businesses Like Making Money

Never underestimate this classic economic point.  In fact, most major technological change has been made mainstream by businesses seeking to adopt it.  It still makes me uncomfortable seeing businesses on facebook, but it’s good for the technology, and good for users(us) in the long run.

5 – Businesses Don’t Possess the Necessary Skills

It’s much more efficient for a business to purchase skills than to try and build them internally.  It is time consuming, risky, and less effective than hiring someone with the requisite skills and experience.  This is why consulting is an industry in the 100s of billions of dollars.

6 – Experts Make More Money

The demand for Expert Services, the inability for anyone to truly define what a Social Media Expert is, and the crap economy that is forcing everyone to find work is what is driving this trend to Social Media Experts.

Again, this isn’t a bad thing.  Technologies generally get better when there is an economic incentive for businesses to pay for the brain-power to make them better.  So, as your Social (Media) Life improves, you can bank on thousands more newly-minted Social Media experts ready to receive your Thank You.

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