Podcasts: 5 Top Technology, Trends, and Social Media Podcasts

A client recently asked me how I stay ahead.  While I read the news everyone else does, my secret weapon has always been podcasts.  Below are my 5 Favorite Podcasts.  I recommend PocketCasts for listening to Podcasts on Android.


This Week In Google

It’s A Thing


The Social Hour

On The Media

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7 Social Media Week Chicago Sessions To Attend

Social Media Week is coming to Chicago Sept 23rd – Sept 27th.  It can be very overwhelming so I curated a list of what I’m most looking forward to.
Did I leave something off you’re really looking forward to?  Let me know!


The Secrets of Story telling through Paid, Earned, Shared, and Owned Media


Content Marketing That Wins: Making brands, readers AND Google happy


Confessions of a Community Manager


Big Data v Big Brother: How marketers are dissecting the consumer at the intersection of mobile and social


IBM Opting in: Lessons in Social Business (Disclosure: IBM is a client of my employer Ketchum)


GOOGLE+ and Brands (Disclosure: I own Google stock)


Mike’s Hard Lemonade – Tapping into Twitter to Rebrand and Reawaken a Brand


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Someone was selected for Google’s Glass Explorers program despite only using the hashtag as entry.

I feel incredibly special to have been selected to Glass Explorers and be one of the first people to get Google Glass.  Then, I started going through the data that Stanford student Andrej Karpath compiled and I found this tweet with just the #IfIHadGlass hashtag.   No content, nothing to support.


This is insanely interesting because Guy Kawasaki, adviser to Motorola (owned by Google), stated he was not selected.  Does this mysterious winner know an insider?  Was there a random element involved?  Weird. Oh well, I can’t wait to do amazing things with my pair.



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Facebook to 1 Billion Users – I predict August 16, 2012

EDITED 8-23  Looks like the date has come and gone…I would have thought FB would have made a big deal.  Nothing.  Oh well…

Facebook had a terrible earnings call yesterday that has sent the stock plummeting.  Today, Mashable had a link that Facebook could reach one billion users in August based on an analyst report on iCrossing.

I’ve been keeping track of how many users are on Facebook for a while and thought I’d throw my data aginst it.  I am a little rusty from my GE Six Sigma days and a little busy to do a full regression.  So, I simply used Microsoft Excel’s Scatter Chart with a simple linear regression to see what it could predict.  I used data from April 2007 on as low growth in the beginning was throwing off the numbers

BOLD PREDICTION – Facebook will reach 1 Billion users on August 16, 2012


Linear Regression Equation – y = .5405x – 21299

y – Users In Millions

x – Date

R² = 0.9567

Data is here if you want to do your own thing.

Dec-04 1
Dec-05 5.5
Dec-06 12
Apr-07 20
Oct-07 50
Aug-08 100
Jan-09 150
Feb-09 175
Apr-09 200
Jul-09 250
Sep-09 300
Dec-09 350
Feb-10 450
Jul-10 500
Sept-10 550
Jan-11 600
Feb-11 650
Jun-11 750
Sep-11 800
Feb-12 845
Apr-12 901
Jul-12 955

Social Media Strategy Class Reading List

I recently taught a class at DePaul University on Social Media Strategy to Graduate Students in Public Relations and Advertising.  Below is the reading list I compiled with tech sources, interesting articles, and relevant case studies that helped guide our class discussion.


Technology and Social Media Blogs

Analyst Blogs


Podcasts have been my “secret weapon” over the years.  All the news covered on the sites above is broken down into detail.  I strongly recommend them

Twitter Lists

Specific Articles

Class 1 – The State of the Internet and Public Relations

Class 2 – Objectives, Strategies, and Audience Research

Class 3 – Creativity, Integrated Social Media Marketing, Content Strategy and Online Community Management

Class 4 – Facebook

Class 5 – Twitter, YouTube, and Blogs

Class 6 – Internal Communities and SEO

Class 7 – Blogger Outreach, Meme Hijacking, Mobile, and Paid Tactics

Class 8 – Online Reputation Management

Class 9 – Online Measurement and Metrics

Google Analytics Basics

Facebook Analytics

Class 10 – The Future of the Internet (and Your Career)

42 Tactics for Content – Content Toolkit Playbook by Content Management Institute

This is a good guide written by Joe Pulizzi at Junta 42 containing 42 different tactics (with case studies) on content marketing.  Sure, some of these are obvious…but what is really great about this is that it’s a list of everything in one place that you can easily use and reference.



Interesting – Nicorette uses Promoted Tweets to Direct to A Facebook Page?

When Twitter announced their Promoted Suite product late last year, it was easy to see how brands could use this to inject a trend into the conversation.  Using a Promoted Trend on the day the DVD release of Inception to promote the BluRay version was a great example.

I saw Nicorette using this Promoted Trend (#QuittingSucks) on January 4, 2011.  But the message that went along with it directed users to their Facebook Community?  Paying for advertising on Twitter to direct to Facebook?  This was interesting…a Promoted Tweet isn’t cheap, $80K according to this article.

Also interesting is that the link doesn’t really take you to a support community, it’s taking you to a splash screen ad with information and a coupon.

Highly recommended video satire of Social Media Experts by @bajillionhits . Or maybe it’s not satire and he knows his strat.

Alex Blagg of Bajillion Hits (http://bajillionhits.biz/) is a genius. I am likely one of the people his satire is intended to highlight, and that’s cool. He is pointing out the problems with our industry and that will only serve to make the internet better in the end.

I now look through every email, presentation, and document I create with an eye as to whether or not it’s “strat” or real.

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Facebook Advertising for Men of Social Media 2011 Calendar Spot

I was on Facebook today and saw this ad for Tim McDonald who REALLY wants to win a spot in the 2011 Men of Social Media calendar

At first I thought this was funny…but probably a worthwhile advertising investment in one’s personal brand.  And, with all the poseurs, you gotta love social media people who can execute what they preach.

However, if you’re like me and don’t want the digital elite decorating your office, I strongly suggest this alternative calendar.  The 2011 Goats In Trees Calendar

My choice for 2011 Calendars

Digital Experience and Presence: Keys to Launching Successful Social Media Career

A reader at Culpwrit: Guiding the career in public relations asked our office director Ron Culp the following question:

I am interested in eventually transitioning to an agency role, specifically in digital PR or digital media planning.  Do you have any suggestions for what my next steps should be?

Ron asked for my input which I gladly provided.  Here are the highlights, please visit Ron’s site for the full text of my  career advice for digital PR.

Creating a Digital Presence

Learn By Doing

Stay Up To Date on Current Trends